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The World's Elite Summit for Entertainment Entrepreneurs

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Epic On-Location Photoshoots & Modeling Masterclass, Merchandising, Runway Classes, On Camera Techniques, and Design Workshops!

(Includes modeling reel)


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Audition & Interview Techniques, Character Development, Scene Analysis, Script Memorization, Improv/Comedy, & Stunt Classes, & Film Acting. (Includes actor's reel)


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Artists & Repertoire (A&R), Song Writing, Recording, & Professional Coaching.

(Includes musician's reel)


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Lighting, Camera Systems, Film, Photography, Script Writing, & Producing.

(Includes actor's reel)


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Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Entertainment Law 101, Agency Panels, & Parent to Parent Workshops!


Our Mission

To educate development age Actors, Models, Singers, Dancers, & Musicians through fun, interactive workshops, and hands-on exercises taught by seasoned professionals in the entertainment industry.

Amalfi, Italy 2019

Girdwood, Alaska 2018

Sedona, Arizona 2017


Adventure: Monument Valley!

June 30th - July 5th

Our Sponsors

This Year's Celebrity Guest: Andrea Belluso!

ANDREA IS AN AWARD-WINNING INTERNATIONAL FASHION AND BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHER with past clients including: @condenast @cadillac @elleuk & many more! He has worked with all of the BIGGEST names in the fashion industry such as @naomi @cturlington and @lindaevangelista ✌️
He is an ambassador for the largest photography companies in the world, including: @phaseonephoto & @profotoglobal & he is the founder of the movement #ProjectRedefineBeauty ♥️
We were lucky enough to get to spend time with Andrea and his team during London Fashion Week & begin this incredible partnership, and far beyond his accolades, and immense talents as a photographer; We are SO excited to get to share with you someone who has spent his entire life & career deeply immersed in the Fashion Industry, who can truly breakdown for our attendee's the truths of this crazy industry!! As well as the opportunity for some of our attendee's to get the incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot with him!


kim headshot

Kim Matus

“To say that Fashion Passport has changed Ellie’s life almost feels like an understatement. Gianna & Joseph have literally helped to mold Ellie into the amazing young person she is today. It is the biggest gift in Ellie’s life to have someone like them who wholeheartedly believes in who she is personally and professionally. As a parent to have someone invest in her and push her to be her best self is the greatest gift I could ever hope for.

Ellie walks tall and lives with such intention because of what Fashion Passport has instilled in her. Being the “Face of Fashion Passport” has changed her life for the good so dramatically and opened up doors in this business that she would have never had the opportunity to even come close to. All the while Ellie has been learning and growing as a model and public speaker, among many other things, she has been encouraged every step of the way to be her best-self, to stay true to who she is and to give back.

Fashion Passport is a family of inspirational, motivated, inherently just good people who raise one another up at every turn and who support one another unconditionally. 

Gianna & Joseph are truly creative geniuses and their passion is contagious. They not only inspire Ellie when they shoot together, but they does so with every model I’ve ever seen them work with. Gianna & Joseph want every model to fall in love with their images and so they take the greatest care in each shoot for every model. They have a special way of making sure that every model and family knows how important and special they are, and they mean it!

They genuinely loves and care for these families. Their heart keeps growing as they meet more amazing families who want to join in on their amazing Fashion Passport adventure. We feel so incredibly blessed to have Gianna & Joseph by our side as we raise a young lady in this crazy world.”


Mary Malanaphy

"More photos to share from Fashion Passport. These gorgeous captures were taken by Gianna Nicole. Gianna, these captures are spectacular. I had to crop one as well, so you could see Brooke’s face close up!! OMG!! This has become my all time favorite photo of Brooke. My baby looks looks like an angel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Gianna, love you so much. So many others to thank: Dress by Alora Safari, hair by super talented Camie Martin, makeup by Danielle Lynch of Glam Spot Global. Danielle this makeup is perfection!"

Michelle Potts

Michelle Potts

"What an AMAZING first day. 
Snowboarding, first shoot, heavy snowfall all day which was so beautiful, huge #fashionpassport snow ball fight, building our first snowman and our first taste of s’mores by the fire in the snow at the Alaskan S’mores welcome party. And of course incredible time catching up with old friends and making new ones."

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